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Video Library - Safety & Training

  • ST-001 Road Rage
    Road rage has become all-too-common. Chances are, if your drivers haven't already had to deal with it, they will. Which is why it's important your drivers know what to do to protect their vehicles and themselves in road rage situations. This uses dramatic scenarios of road rage incidents to grab and keep your drivers' attention. Featuring advice from real-life veteran drivers, it explains what to do when another driver becomes angry or aggressive; how to avoid becoming a road rager; how to reduce the chance of becoming a road rage victim; and what drivers should do if they witness a road rage incident. (20 minutes)

  • ST-002 What To Do When Spills Occur
    If a hazardous chemical spill occurred at your company today, would each of your employees know what to do? Here's a way to help make sure they know how to respond safely. This video explains the dos and don'ts of spill clean up procedures and discusses who is involved in spill cleanup, and who to notify in the event of a spill. (7 minutes)

  • Violence in the Workplace: Audits, Training & Prevention (2 Videos)
    Workplace violence can occur at any company. Fortunately, there are things your managers and employees can do to help avoid potentially violent situations.
    • ST-0A3 Management Video
      Managers will learn to spot factors that can increase the chance of violence, how to set up a crisis-management team, how to conduct termination interviews, and more. (22 minutes)
    • ST-0B3 Employee Video
      Employees will learn how to protect themselves in high-risk areas, how to respond when confronted by a person with a weapon, and how to handle verbal threats. (27 minutes)

  • ST-004 Back Safety for Maintenance Employees
    Designed primarily for training industrial employees, this kit covers working in tight corners, team lifting, working and lifting from ladders, lifting heavy objects, and more.

  • ST-005 Understanding the MSDS
    Provides an introduction to chemical hazards and the Hazard Communication Standard. Also explains how to read an MSDS, goes over the various sections, and tells where to find them. (7 minutes)

  • ST-006 OPDs: A Revolution in Propane Cylinder Safety
    Introduces employees to the overfilling prevention devices (ODPs) that are included on new small cylinders (4 lb. to 40 lb. propane capacity) and eventually will be required on all small cylinders. Covers basic information and the benefit of OPDs plus information about deadlines for retrofitting cylinders. (10 minutes)

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