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Video Library - Drivers / Truck Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance for Drivers (3 Videos)
    Show your drivers how to be the first line of defense against costly mechanical problems with these three videos. They'll teach your drivers how to be aware if the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that could indicate trouble with their vehicles - so they can report problems to maintenance personnel.
    • DTM-0A1 Brakes
      Explains how to recognize brake trouble early, and how to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on brakes.
    • DTM-0B1 Tires
      Gives some of the causes of tire failure, and tells how drivers can adjust their driving to protect their tires. Also explains the effects of heat on tires and the importance of checking tire pressure.
    • DTM-0C1 Engine
      Tells about the indicators of possible engine problems and shows how to use progressive shifting to increase efficiency and extend vehicle life.

  • Experience Speaking Series (3 Videos)
    Did you know that a small number of accident types are responsible for the majority of accident-related costs? It's true. This video addresses three most common types of accidents - those involving backing, adverse weather, and rear-end collisions.
    • DTM-0A2 Rear End Collisions
      A driver tells how his "failure to anticipate" caused a rear end collision. From his experience, drivers learn the importance of being alert and prepared to react to the unsafe practices of other motorists. (10 minutes)
    • DTM-0B2 Adverse Weather
      In this video, a driver tells how driving too fast for weather conditions caused her rollover. From her experience, drivers learn that when the weather becomes a hazard, it is their responsibility to use good judgment and be prepared. (10 minutes)
    • DTM-0C2 Backing
      A driver tells how he backed into a car while attempting to reach a customer's loading dock. From his experience, drivers learn that taking extra time and care can save frustration, pain, and costly downtime. (10 minutes)

  • DTM-003 Backing Training Kit
    Backing up to a tractor-trailer is not easy job. Yet it's something your drivers must do on a regular basis. And it's a job that - if not done right - can lead to costly damage. That's why it's so important that you train your drivers on backing basics. This video addresses common backing maneuvers your drivers must know how to perform, including: straight-line backing, alley dock backing, parallel parking, blind-side backing, and jack-knife backing. (18 minutes)

  • DTM-004 7-Minute Solutions: Accident Procedures
    This to-the-point video will help you conduct hard-hitting refresher training on accident procedures. The video reviews a 7-step accident response process - from the moment of an accident until the arrival of law enforcement. It also covers how to report and document an accident. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-005 Back Safety for Truck Drivers
    Covers getting in and out of the cab, lifting rear bay doors, sitting and driving, handling hoods, and more.

  • DTM-006 Defensive Driving
    Provides an overview of the critical elements of defensive driving: visual scanning, identifying and dealing with road hazards and road user hazards, and communicating clearly with other motorists. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-007 Driving Techniques
    Reviews proper techniques for changing lanes, passing, braking, climbing grades, merging, and more. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-008 Emergency Maneuvers
    Reminds your drivers about how to take quick, proper action in an emergency - including maneuvers for avoiding oncoming vehicles, controlling skids, braking, and more. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-009 Mirrors
    Presents tips and techniques on adjusting mirrors properly and using them effectively when driving, merging, passing, and braking. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-010 Extreme Weather Driving
    Gives your drivers tips on driving safely in rain, snow, ice, fog, and extreme heat. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-011 Night Driving
    Discusses basic night-driving factors, such as vision, glare, fatigue, drunk drivers, and headlights, while providing helpful tips for increasing night-driving safety. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-013 Seeing Hazards
    Covers road construction, bridges, accidents, and other hazards drivers are likely to encounter on the road, and gives techniques to handle those hazards safely. Emphasizes visual scanning and decision driving. (7 minutes)
  • DTM-014 Speed & Space Management
    Provides important reminders about following distances, excessive speed, proper space around the vehicle, and other factors that often result in costly accidents. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-015 Backing
    Features procedures for some of the biggest backing challenges - jacking, chasing, and blind-side backing - emphasizing on-the-job application of these skills. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-016 Road Work!
    Reviews how to manage vehicles in and around road construction areas, necessary precautions, and special hazards to be on the lookout for. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-017 Danger!
    Looks at dangerous situations drivers face when they're not at the wheel - such as violence, theft, and solicitations. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-018 Rollover!
    Helps prevent rollovers by making drivers more aware of factors causing them: speed (especially at exit and entrance ramps), wind, fatigue, inattentive driving, and "phantom vehicles." (7 minutes)

  • DTM-019 Wind!
    Advises drivers on how to control vehicles in extremely windy conditions, and when it's best to pull a rig over. Covers four types of deadly wind conditions: tornadoes, derachos, hurricanes, and downbursts. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-020 Rain!
    A quick refresher on the dangers of extremely wet weather. Reminds drivers of proper following and stopping distances, hydroplaning, and dangers posed by standing water and soft road shoulders.(7 minutes)

  • DTM-021 Defensive Driving
    In congested downtown areas, there's a lot to keep track of... other drivers, pedestrians, and general activity. This video zeroes in on key driving tactics to help drivers cut the risk of accidents. It also covers seeing hazards... passing... merging... tailgating... and more.

  • DTM-022 Adverse Weather
    When another vehicle unexpectedly stops or swerves, or a pedestrian walks into traffic, it's too late for the driver of a straight truck to think about how weather conditions could affect their reaction time. This video reviews safety steps every driver should know in the event of ice, snow, high wind, driving rain, or dense fog.

  • DTM-023 Vehicle Inspections
    If a vehicle problem is overlooked, it could result in a breakdown or delay in delivery... and an angry customer. This video does a vehicle "walk-around," showing the areas of the straight truck that need too be checked and why it's important to conduct pre-trip, post-trip, and on-the-road inspections.

  • DTM-024 Speed & Space Management
    Because straight truck drivers often operate in downtown areas with unpredictable vehicle and pedestrian traffic, speed and space management is especially vital to accident prevention. This video covers the basic principles of speed and space management, and why it's so important for drivers to use those principles each time they get behind the wheel. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-025 Loading & Unloading
    Usually, straight-truck drivers are responsible for loading and unloading their cargo. If they do it wrong, the load could be damaged... or they could be injured. This video provides safe loading, securing, and unloading techniques and guidelines, as well as information about basic materials-handling equipment and body mechanics to avoid injury. (7 minutes)

  • DTM-026 Truck Driver & Cargo Security
    An awareness training program for hazmat and general carriers. This video is designed to train the drivers on vehicle and cargo security from theft and terrorism.

  • DTM-027 Drivers, Drugs and Drinking
    The eye-opening training video is shot using a dynamic documentary style to hold viewer interest. Much of the video's powerful credibility comes from recovered veteran drivers who share their own real-life experiences. Loaded with valuable information, this program approaches critical issues every driver must be made aware of, such as the effects that drugs and alcohol have on the driver and the driver's career, the consequences of abuse, and DOT regulations.

  • DTM-028 Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel is the second highest cost for trucking companies. This video will show your drivers what they can do to conserve fuel and get more miles per gallon. (5 minutes)

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