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Video Library - Compliance

  • DOT Safety and Compliance Video Series (6 Videos in Series)
    • C-0A1 DOT Audit Procedures
      Learn about conducting your own DOT safety audit... and correcting problems before DOT discovers them. (60 minutes)
    • C-OB1 Controlled Substances & Alcohol Testing
      Covers the procedures that can help you keep drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol from performing tasks that could affect highway safety. (90 minutes)
    • C-0C1 Driver Qualification
      Find out which forms and procedures are required to show that drivers are competent and qualified to drive. (90 minutes)
    • C-OD1 Hours of Service
      Study the procedures which must be followed to help prevent fatigued drivers from operating commercial motor vehicles (120 minutes)
    • C-0E1 Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance
      Review the procedures that DOT requires to help keep commercial motor vehicles in safe operating order. (45 minutes)
    • C-0F1 Compliance: Where to Begin
      This video helps you get organized and identify areas of noncompliance in your company. (10 minutes)

  • Surviving a DOT Audit Video Series (6 Videos in Series)
    Each 25-45 minute video in this series covers one of the 6 factors DOT will consider during a compliance audit.
    • C-0A2 Factor 1 General
      Discusses safety fitness procedures, triggers that can cause an audit, how SafeStat scores are generated, what the safety rating process is all about, insurance, and accident tracking.
    • C-0B2 Factor 2 Driver
      Covers driver qualification file records, alcohol and/or controlled substances testing program requirements, and CDL standards.
    • C-0C2 Factor 3 Operational
      Addresses driving rules, hours of service rules, logging, and supporting documents. Get tips for making your log audit program error-free and inspection-ready.
    • C-0D2 Factor 4 Vehicle
      Takes a step-by-step look at the paperwork DOT will review regarding vehicle maintenance, records, and roadside inspections during the last 12 months.
    • C-0E2 Factor 5 Hazardous Materials
      Covers the hazmat documents that will be inspected, including proof of registration, training records, incident and accident reports, shipping papers, and claim files.
    • C-0F2 Factor 6 Accident Factor
      Tells what accident information you must provide DOT, and how recent changes in the way accident factor ratings are determined can adversely affect your safety rating.

  • C-003 Drug & Alcohol Testing: Training and Awareness Program
    This video delivers a clear, concise summary of the requirements, from prohibitions to pre-employment testing to treatment for drivers who fail a test. Throughout the video, a series of short, true/false quizzes help determine how well your drivers are understanding the material. After completing this training, your drivers will have a much better idea of what a "safety-sensitive" function is, how they're selected for testing, and what happens when they refuse to be tested.(30 minutes)

  • OSHA Safety Compliance Video Series (6 Videos in Series)
    These videos are a convenient resource that can be: reviewed again and again, shown to new employees or employees who cannot leave the office, viewed any time, any place and watched in segments or all in one sitting.
    • C-0A4 Background Information About OSHA
      Learn the origin of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, why OSHA requires training, how it is enforced, and how it can affect your business. (28 minutes)
    • C-OB4 OSHA Standards
      Get critical information about standards including development, adoption procedures, methods of appealing a standard, and how emergency temporary standards work. (43 minutes)
    • C-0C4 Workplace Inspections
      Get a solid understanding of the complete inspection process. Find out what kinds of things OSHA inspectors look for so you can look for them first. (46 minutes)
    • C-0D4 Citations and Penalties
      Familiarize yourself with the different types of violations and the fines that accompany them. Also get an inside look at the intricacies of the appeals process. (32 minutes)
    • C-0E4 Hazard Analysis
      Review what hazard analysis is and why it's so important. Discover guidelines for conducting your own analysis on a step-by-step basis. (45 minutes)
    • C-0F4 Accident Investigations
      Learn proven techniques for effective accident investigation, including how to respond to an accident, keep control of an accident scene, determine the root cause of an accident, and develop corrective and preventive action plans. (33 minutes)

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